The Ottawa Marriage Tribunal

The Office of the Ottawa Diocesan Tribunal is designed to help the divorced and remarried person, the divorced person seeking another marriage and the divorced Catholic seeking a clarification of his or her standing in the Church.

Information, assistance and recommendations are available from the Tribunal personnel.

For more information, please contact: Céline Leroux

Married persons have a right to have their marriage reviewed by our Tribunals after obtaining a decree of civil divorce. The procedure normally includes the following steps: completion of a preliminary questionnaire; submission of a petition based on the information provided by the petitioner; once the petition is accepted, evidence is gathered by testimonies of the parties and the witnesses before an auditor appointed by the Judicial Vicar; the case is then forwarded to the Ottawa Regional Tribunal for examination of the procedural norms and the testimonies; a judge follows suit to probe all the evidence and argue the case in written statements to render a decision; and, finally, the judgment is reviewed by the Canadian Appeal Tribunal for the final decision. The parties can appeal this final decision to the Vatican's Roman Rota. Parties are asked to make a donation to help defray the costs of the Tribunal's work. For more information, please contact the Marriage Tribunal at 613-738-5025.

Series of articles written by Fr. Vincent Pereira, Judicial Vicar, on the value of Marriage Law and the Tribunal Ministry:

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