Year of St. Paul

Pauline Year

Pope Benedict invites Catholics the world over to celebrate a special jubilee year - June 28th 2008 to June 29th 2009 - in honour of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of St. Paul. 

Scholars think Paul was ten years younger than Jesus, so his birth is placed between 7 and 10 AD. The Holy Father’s choice is midway between these two. The June 28-29 vigil and solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul serve as anchor points for this special period (more - pdf) ...



Monthly Reflections on St. Paul by Archbishop Prendergast



July - Paul's Masterwork: The Epistle to the Romans

August - Pauline Morality: Thoughtful Worship

September - The Self-Emptying of Jesus

October - Christ's Coming in Glory

November - The Complex Nature of the End-Time

December - God's Son, Born of a Woman

January - The “Conversion” of St. Paul

February - The Theology of the Body

March - The Dying and Rising of Christ

April - The Cosmic Christ

May - Aliens no more

June - The Heirs of Paul - The Pastoral Epistles

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