New Roman Missal

ORDERING THE NEW ROMAN MISSAL: The CCCB is now taking orders for the new Roman Missal. The costs are: full size $250; chapel edition $125. Order from CCCB now; shipping will begin November 10. To order, please contract CCCB Publications: ; 613-241-9461.

The following reflections on the new translation of the Roman Missal, written by Rev. Geoff Kerslake, are now available for your use.

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Reflection 1 - Why a New Mass?

Reflection 2 - Why New Words?

Reflection 3 - Why Do We Use Latin for Mass?

Reflection 4 - Why Does the New Mass Sound So Different?

Reflection 5 - Why “And With Your Spirit”?

Reflection 6 - Why the Changes to the Penitential Act?

Reflection 7 - Why the Changes to the Gloria?

Reflection 8 - Changes to the Creed

Reflection 9 - Preparation of the Gifts

Reflection 10 - The Preface of the Eucharistic Prayers

Reflection 11 - Introduction to the Eucharistic Prayers

Reflection 12 - Eucharistic Prayers

Reflection 13 - Why Chalice and not Cup

Reflection 14 - Why for the Many and not for All

Reflection 15 - The Invitation to the Lord's Prayer

Reflection 16 - Behold the Lamb of God

Reflection 17 - The Dismissal


NEW ROMAN MISSAL RESOURCES FROM THE CCCB: The Decree of Implementation: Info: Date of implementation: 1st Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011.

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